Drip Irrigation in Nigeria

Drip irrigation in Nigeria is a recent development in agriculture. Some smart farmers in Nigeria have now embraced the concept of drip irrigation because of its yield boosting attributes.

Drip irrigation is the wetting of the root zones of plants through the dropping of water in trickles. A typical drip irrigation system consists of the drip tapes, sub main pipe, main pipe, connectors, end plugs, valves, venturi injector and hold down stakes.

The following are the doyen benefits of using drip irrigation in Nigeria:

Drip Irrigation increases the yield of farmers. In Nigeria, some tomato farmers recording 2 tons in their one acre tomato farms are now getting up to 20 tons per acre of tomato. Thanks to Irrigation Home that introduced drip irrigation to them.

Drip irrigation assures all year round supply of water to farmer. This can make farmers produce food all year round and also significantly increase their income. Farmers can also make more money during the dry season when a lot of farmers are not cultivating any crop.

With drip irrigation, farmers in Nigeria can apply chemicals to their soil with no stress. Chemicals like pesticides, insecticides, soil based fungicides and nematicides can be applied to the soil to make the soil healthy for crop cultivation.

At Irrigation Home, we ensure that the drip irrigation systems we sell provide value for money for the buyer.

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